We’ve all been told that screens can only add to your anxiety levels. It can come to many peoples surprise that there are several winbet2u games designed just to help with anxiety and most of them are only available online. There are also several apps that are available on the play store which are built to help people bring down anxiety levels. Given below is a list of online games that you should check out http://www.33winbet.com/my/ms-my/product/lottery/psbt if you are looking for simple ways to help you out of your anxiety.

1. Sleeping Tiger Jigsaw

Real time jigsaws have always been a fun and recreational game that people of all age groups enjoy. The satisfaction when the pieces snap together just when it is placed alongside a legitimate neighbour, when they appear on the screen is almost addictive. The same old thing, only a top-notch adaptation of a well established game.

2. Casanova

A very simple game that genuinely releases the happy hormones as you keep playing it. You’re a giraffe in the game of Casanova jogging eastwards as a parade of different giraffes runs westwards. Every one has a neck of an alternate length, and you should simply snap and hold the mouse catch to expand your giraffe’s heads so you can meet for a kiss.

3. Drifting Afternoon

Playing this game gives you the same satisfaction and accomplishment that making a water colour painting can offer to you. The whole game is a breezy experience with no violence or noise. All you need to do is point your mouse and hop your animal from inflatable to expand as they float by, before your time runs out.

4. Flow

This game has an exclusive app that is available to download. The gamescape is very serene and calming in itself. Beginning as a small life form with fundamentally just a mouth and the middle body, you are expected to swim around in blue gloop expending other little living beings. Now and again you’ll see that eating something has changed your animal in size, shape or in complete form. Regardless of whether it’s a transformation or quickened development is immaterial; following ten minutes your body will be longer, and you may have grown legs and different extremities.

5. Home Sheep Home

This might be astonishing but this is a game that was followed up from the very famous kids’ show ‘Shaun the Sheep’. In fact if you go over to the Shaun the Sheep website you will find this game. In the game, you have control over three differently abled and different sized sheep. Each of these three sheep have different names – Timmy, Shaun and Shirley. The objective of the game is to get all three of them over to the barn on the other side of the screen using the help of the different articles available in the game. As simple as it seems, the game can get quite challenging after a few levels.